CollageX 2022

Imagine a day filled with discovery, motivation, and inspiration as you travel with a like-minded band of explorers through a collage of holistic and metaphysical experiences. Better yet, what if you could design your day with specific sessions and practitioners that speak to your current journey and who are best equip to help you map out your next adventure?

We are so excited to announce that CollageX will return to Minneapolis on March 19th at the historic Masonic Heritage Center in Bloomington, MN.  This curated holistic and metaphysical experience provides a day full of opportunity, expansion, celebration, and camaraderie. Featuring four different experiences each hour, a catered lunch, and a happy hour finale, we invite you to design the perfect day, just for you. Experience a group past life regression, activate you inner Earthworker, learn to access your multidimensional self, connect to your inner mystic,   discover the magic of theta healing, attend a psychic gallery, visit the Akashic Hall of Records, participate in an energy release with essential oils …the options are extraordinary.

9 AM Opening Session

9:30 AM Sessions

Room 1
Connect to the Mystic Within Mary Newstrom

In indigenous cultures, people had creation stories and creation myths that helped them truly understand their connection to Spirit. As a result, they experienced the unconditional love of the Creator. This helped shamans, healers, and mystics become a true vessel of love and light in the world.

In this workshop, you will journey to a different dimension, one outside of space and time, where you will be in union with your Creator. Through this guided meditation, you will experience harmony and oneness with all that is. 

Join me today as we create a sacred ceremony that allows you to experience your own creation story and to feel the unconditional love of the Divine. Leave with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding of who you are in the world.

Room 2
The Benefits of Past Life Regression Eric Christopher

The evidence of reincarnation suggests that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Past life regression is a way of deeply connecting to the eternal brilliance that you already are. It is far more than simply glimpsing a previous life your soul has lived. It is about connecting to a dimension of your being that is whole, complete, indestructible and based in love. This wise aspect of yourself is invested in showing you a life or lives that will help you heal, evolve and awaken both personally and spiritually. Thus, you tend to only see lives that are relevant to the growth of your present life.

This class will draw upon many fascinating case examples of the various ways people go within to get precisely what they need to move forward in their present life. We will also discuss some of the common soul lessons that I’ve noticed after doing over 4,000 past life regressions during the past 20 years. Lots of questions are encouraged.

Room 3
Discover Your Inner Earthworker, to Plant Magical Seeds of Change Bette Hanson

On this mystical journey, you’ll be greeted by your personal guide and a host of other cosmic helpers. This place is where the Divine Mother Collective, Celestials, and Master Guides gather to serve the evolution of humanity and an awakening planet.

Your 60 minute vibrational adventure includes phases of frequencies orchestrated to blend with the next to…

  • anchor in the heart of Earth
  • regulate away distress
  • relax tension
  • super-boost your bio-energetics
  • alchemize negative patterns
  • connect to higher Truth

Entering the unknown realms promises potent inner shifts, surprise cosmic gifts, and a window to expanded awareness.

The work of our time IS to awaken to higher levels of consciousness while remaining *firmly grounded* in the flow of change. To embody truth, to walk it, talk it and live it — is what we came here to do.

Are you ready for a dimensional adventure: to let go into the mystery, empower your authentic nature and open to wisdom? 

Let Source Intelligence nurture every step immersed in an energetic container catering to your needs. The Divine knows where and how to till the garden of old wounds and plant seeds of pure potential.

This is your opportunity to blossom, receive and allow the creator to sprout within you. New growth CAN be a Grace-filled emergence of deeper knowing that encourages us forward: flowering change within to connect to and honor the greater collective around us.

Discover the naturally wild you and how together — we have the ability to transform the world.

Room 4
Removing Subconscious Beliefs That Keep You Stuck Nada Hogan

Are you finding the same problems and struggles showing up in your life over and over? Does it feel like you can’t break free from the past and your future looks dark and dismal? Are you plagued with an underlying belief that it is just too hard and it’s never going to change for you? Are you playing small?

Your body has been nudging you, trying to let you know that there is more for you and your life and all of the sucky feelings you are experiencing are just signals to gain the conscious mind’s attention so you can jump into action.

In this workshop you will discover the secret code of the body and you will learn how to work with it to unravel the knots that have you tied up.

You will experience in real time, a process based in energy medicine, quantum science and spirituality where you will uncover and identify your subconscious beliefs that have been interfering and blocking your ability to live a life you have only dreamed of.

You will be using your body as an instrument to identify and release the blockages that are lodged in your subconscious mind. The techniques that you learn in this workshop will finally free you, once and for all, from a life of limiting beliefs, stories, and untruths and so you can begin to truly live a life that you have always dreamed of but believed it was out of reach for you.

10:45 AM Sessions

Room 1
Third Eye-Pineal Gland Activation: Your Commitment to Spiritual Expansion Counterbalances Chaos and Fear Carolyn Vinup

The Third Eye or Pineal Gland is often called the Seat of the Soul where your intuition awakens to spiritual insight and cosmic awareness. Chaos, fear, and darkness, dull the Third Eye. Joining forces with others committed to self-love, love for others, love for the planet and the universe activates the light within. The Pineal Gland is a gateway energy center that awakens spiritual expansion and deepens your connection to all of creation and oneness.

In this workshop, learn how to activate your Third Eye (Pineal Gland):

  • Setting an intention for spiritual expansion 
  • With the tip of your tongue
  • Ancient Sound Healing Tone
  • Mudra
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Activation Meditation/Ceremony
  • Sharing Light Visualization with self, others, world, and the Universe.
Room 2
New World Women: Harbingers of the Future as One Dawn Morningstar, Mecca Page, and Shawn Vougeot

The awakening happening all around us has been held in the hearts and lives of women for centuries. Now it is safe and necessary for women to fully come out of hiding and shine their brilliant light together.

It is time to move beyond the patriarchy—and replace it with a new paradigm of inclusion, kindness, love, connection, respect and abundance—for ALL people.

New World Women co-founders Dawn Morningstar, Mecca Page and Shawn Vougeot come together to present this beautiful and powerful women-only session.

There will be music, mantras and magic!

In this not-to-be-missed session women will:

  • be guided on a mystical journey to unwind 6 paths to personal wholeness
  • receive a Sacred WEALTH Wheel and crystal pendulum for daily use and continued support after the March CollageX experience is over
  • Experience an overview of New World Women and take part in a sacred process to energetically propel the profound vision of having 1,000,000 self-empowered women, connected as one, world-wide
  • be gifted a special VIP invitation to the New World Women Inner Circle Summer Solstice gathering at Kinstone in Fountain City, WI, June 2022
Room 3
Experience Abundance NOW Deb Frischmon

2022 Dreams Come True!

Many people have goals and dreams that don’t come into fruition while staying stuck in the muck.  Then don’t see evidence right away so they give up, and become complacent and live a life that is status quo.

Humans don’t truly understand, believe and use the simple laws of the universe; the Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics and the Laws of Energetics that were gifted to each and every one of us.  And they don’t know HOW to make the changes they so strongly desire.


And there are simple tools available such as breath work, embodiment (becoming the Super Human!), visualization, and quantum meditations that will take you to the next level to help collapse time and quantum leap.

Join Deb and hear more about how to Experience Abundance Now, and experience a trip to the Quantum Field where all potentiality and possibilities exist!

Deb has transformed her whole life.  She has created the life she has always dreamed of living.  Magnetizing in her dreams and desires while feeling love, peace, joy, freedom, passion, bliss in her heart!  She’s on fire and can’t wait to share her latest discoveries with you!

Room 4
Posture and Pain - 3 Strategies to Shift from Chronic Pain to Feeling Good in Your Body Again Anna Forliti

Imagine letting go of limitations caused by fear — worrying, speculating, and calculating about your pain. Instead visualize yourself thriving in your body and returning to the activities you love.

In this educational and experiential workshop you will:

  • Understand why you must stop chasing symptoms and instead focus on chasing your dreams.
  • Learn that instead of letting the pain control you, you can learn how to allow the pain to guide you to be pain free. 
  • Discover how your posture relates to your chronic pain and how Postural Healing helps people heal.
  • Experience how breath, awareness, and postural alignment exercises can create a positive shift for you
  • Receive tools you can use to get started on your path to pain-free living

12 Noon Lunch

1 PM Sessions

Room 1
Hall of the Akashic Records Dawn Marian

The Akashic Hall of Records invites you to a sacred journey of your magnificent soul.  In this interactive session with Akashic Records channel and teacher Dawn Marian, you’ll:

  • Discover how your soul expresses through time and space, weaving a tapestry of golden threads of wisdom, gifts and purpose with each lifetime.
  • Remember your divine origin and claim your soul's unique blueprint for this lifetime.
  • Experience an increase of your soul's light in your physical body during a guided meditation that aligns you to your individual Akashic Records and your contracted Akashic Beings of Light.
  • Learn how your personal Akashic Records can support your daily life, soul purpose and spiritual growth.
  • Receive a crystal gift charged with Akashic Records energy to support you in tuning into your soul anytime you desire.
Room 2
Access Your Multidimensional Self Michele Rae

How do you access your inner wisdom, intuition, creativity, imagination, and inspiration? This way of knowing arises from the many dimensions in the vast morphic energetic field of consciousness that are nonphysical. When you spend time in the grips of being triggered by internal self-sabotaging thoughts and external circumstances, you diminish your awareness in the nonlocal aspects of yourself. It transforms everyday living when you have consistent access to higher consciousness and decrease unreliable intermittent connection.

Join us and experience a process to strengthen your ability to perceive subtle energy and ways of knowing based on multidimensional mindfulness. Explore a map of human development outlining three levels of consciousness and wisdom from ancient teaching and modern science that support realizing your full potential. Together we will utilize practices designed to open your awareness and increase your perceptive capacity to subtle information and ways of knowing beyond your 5 senses.

Room 3
Energy Release with Essential Oils Debbie Scheriff
Do you feel stuck because of negative emotions such as fear, unworthiness, overwhelm or feeling unappreciated?
Do you feel that fear or overwhelm is holding you back from loving and living the way you are meant to?
If so, this is for you!
During this powerful experience, you will:

• Relax and release feelings of stress, anxiety or overwhelm
• Learn how essential oils and key points on the body work together to release toxic emotions

• Receive a step-by-step process to continue your transformation after the event
We will begin the experience with a guided healing meditation.
Room 4
Manifesting with the Mystics Wes Hamilton & Lori Palm

Who are the Mystics? Mystics are beings that have magical powers and live in the world of Spirit. Since time began, these powerful beings have been written about and have been the center of interest in folklore. Now in 2022, they are ready to connect and share some of their secrets with you about how to manifest your dreams and desires.

In November, Wes was connecting to his personal Mystic, Merlin the Wizard. Merlin shared with him that the mystics are anxious to work with people this year to educate them with new skills to manifest their dreams and desires. Wes and Lori, along with Merlin, are working with several different mystical spiritual realms and will show you how to activate your own inner mystics.

It’s time to connect to your own inner mystics – your muse, wizard, shaman, and oracle. They are ready to teach you new information and show you how ancient wisdom and ancient tools can be used to manifest in today’s world. 

Why now? it’s time to heal our differences and the Mystics know the ways of making magic work. Magic is really another name for the natural gifts you are born with. The Mystics are offering you an opportunity this year to connect to your own inner mystics so that you can develop and use your natural (magical) energy gifts to heal your differences and manifest your dreams. It’s time to make natural organic magic available and real so that you can all get back into the game of life again.

2:15 PM Sessions

Room 1
The Magic of Theta Healing Pegah Kadkhodaian

The intention of the session to give people an understanding and experience of what Theta healing is and can do.  We will spend some time understanding and exploring the conscious and unconscious minds and the implications of inner programming and how the practical and spiritual practice of Theta healing can give us relief and support us in creating deep transformation on an energetic level which carries over into the wiring and firing of our brains. We will also learn about the various brain waves; how certain brain wave frequencies allow us to tap into higher levels of consciousness and how these states open us up for deep transformation and healing.  We will spend most of our time allowing people to experience theta by way of receiving it in real time and sharing their experience with the group.

Room 2
Channeling Our Collective Universal Energy Bobby Allyn

Let’s Engage, Connect and Uplift

Bobby is able to tap into the divine, universal energy produced when people gather. This is achieved as you and the other contributors create a vibration that is specific to the session. From this unique vibration, Bobby will channel the sublime energy that harmonizes us to our collective higher mind and highest good. Together we will prepare a receptive mindset by engaging the senses, breath, and our personal energy. Once Bobby connects into the session’s unique vibration, individuals will ask questions that may be specific to them, and the energy works so that the responses become relevant to all participants. The energy is always benevolent and encourages you to interact with the essence of who you really are. The experience can be validating, peaceful, provocative, and hopefully inspiring.

Room 3
A Simple Method for Learning to Read the Tarot Dr. Katherine Belisle

In this session you will learn the history of Tarot and the basic care and composition of a standard Tarot deck. We will discuss the artistry of the various decks and learn the difference between a Tarot deck and an Oracle Deck. You will learn a simple method of using your intuition to guide you into doing Tarot readings with only hours of study instead of years. Bring your own Tarot deck so you can experience a quick Tarot session with a fellow student

Room 4
Enlightened Environments: Optimizing Your Life from the Outside In Annette Rugolo

Transformation can happen from the inside out or from the outside in.  When we focus on the energy of our spaces, transformation can happen very quickly.  Why? Because the energy field of our homes is so much bigger than our own energy field.  When we transform the energy of our home, we are also supporting everyone in our home and can influence the energy of our entire neighborhood. 

In this presentation, Annette will share what an enlightened environment looks like, why it’s important for us now and how the technique of Diamond Dowsing can easily transform your home into an enlightened home.

3:30 PM Sessions

Room 1
Finding Your Ideal Space: Coming Home to Yourself Carole Hyder

Based on her years of Feng Shui experience, Carole Hyder will lead you through an exercise to learn how to identify as well as create a space that intimately speaks to you, whether real or imaginary. Finding a space to call “home” even if it exists in your heart will provide you the clarity and wisdom to be your true self, face challenges, and find your strength.

She will also lead you through an examination of what you already have physically in your home that you love and what it says about you. Likewise, you will explore what you own that you don’t like and what that, in turn, offers as a message to you.

Exploring and discovering how your space can define your life experiences will help you open your eyes and determine next steps, whether small changes or large ones. Being surrounded by a space with your personal Feng Shui blueprint, you can move forward with confidence, energy, and excitement.

Room 2
How to Clear Your Energy Field, Stay Sovereign and Authentic Claire Marie Kohout

Did you know that clearing your personal energy field is one of the most important ways to practice self-care? This session will help you learn how to clear your energy field every day! We will discuss the human energy field, Hara and the significance of intention and you’ll experience several techniques, meditations and tools that can help. Clearing your energy field can allow you to become aware of your individual discernment, which strengthens your sovereignty and authenticity. It can also assist us as we move toward holding higher universal energetic frequencies that have been pushing us to raise our own frequency to stay in alignment with our energetic evolution. This work is especially good for empathetic people who feel bogged down with other people’s energy, who have trouble knowing which energy is theirs or who need help setting boundaries. Join Claire Marie on a journey to clarity!

Room 3
You are an Empath, Now What? Char Savoie

Are you highly aware of others, their pain, their needs, and even their energy? Do you experience anxiety triggered by crowds, small talk, loud noises, inauthentic people, movies, and even television shows? An Empath is someone who is highly aware of these things and can feel the emotions and physical pains of others with in themselves. There is a scientific and energetic reason you are the way you are, and why certain people are drawn to you. Come and learn about your empathic gifts. 

Room 4
Resolving Hidden Entanglements with Family Constellations Katherine Curran, Ph.D.

Systemic, or family, constellations are a perfect way for working with entanglements and patterns we keep finding ourselves in that don’t resolve, no matter what we try. This is especially important now, when there is such a call to evolve our human consciousness, but which project can be delayed or derailed by unconscious, often ancestral, trauma. These unknown difficulties can keep our energy bound up in buried patterns of hurt and/or fear. During a constellation, we surface and shift hidden systemic and ancestral traumas that are still alive within us, tethering us to old patterns through unconscious loyalties and keeping us  from our true selves, from living in loving relationships and from our hearts’ desires.
The workshop will include brief introduction to constellation principles, a chance for everyone who wants to, to experience a short constellation exercise. We will pay special attention to the phenomena of 'representative perception,' which is the basic process through which constellations work. Each participant will be given the opportunity to experiment and get acquainted with this innate ability that we all have, but which has been largely overlooked in western/Euro-centric cultures.

4:45 PM Closing Session

5-6 PM Happy Hour

Event Speakers

Dr. Katherine Belisle
A Simple Method for Learning to Read the Tarot
Eric Christopher
Past Life Regression
Bobby Allyn
Channeling Universal Energy
Char Savoie
Michele Rae
Access Your Multidimensional Self
Katherine Curran, Ph.D.
Resolving Hidden Entanglements with Family Constellations
Carolyn Vinup
Third Eye- Pineal Gland Activation Your Commitment to Spiritual Expansion Counterbalances Chaos and Fear
Deb Frischmon
Experience Abundance NOW
Bette Hanson
Discover Your Inner Earthworker, to Plant Magical Seeds of Change
Anna Forliti
Posture and Pain - 3 Strategies to Shift from Chronic Pain to Feeling Good in Your Body Again
Wes Hamilton & Lori Palm
Manifesting with the Mystics
Dawn Marian
Hall of the Akashic Records
Claire Marie Kohout
How to Clear Your Energy Field, Stay Sovereign and Authentic
Annette Rugolo
Enlightened Environments: Optimizing Your Life from the Outside In
Nada Hogan
Removing Subconscious Beliefs That Keep You Stuck
Pegah Kadkhodaian
The Magic of Theta Healing
Carole Hyder
Finding Your Ideal Space: Coming Home to Yourself
Mary Newstrom
Connect to the Mystic Within
Debbie Scheriff
Energy Release with Essential Oils
Shawn Vougeot
New World Women: Harbingers of the Future as One
Dawn Morningstar
New World Women: Harbingers of the Future as One
Mecca Page
New World Women: Harbingers of the Future as One


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Come together for a healthy, delicious lunch followed by 3 afternoon sessions of your choice.

The afternoon concludes with genuine camaraderie during happy hour. Share your experiences with your community over cocktails, mocktails, & appetizers.

Full Immersion

Full Day


Create a collage of spiritual and inspiring experiences including all 5 sessions of your choice.

Conclude the day with your community over cocktails, mocktails, & appetizers.

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