Imagine a day filled with discovery, motivation, and inspiration as you travel with a like-minded band of explorers through a collage of holistic and metaphysical experiences. Better yet, what if the day included a wonderful lunch and you could finish the experience surrounded by a new community of friends at a happy hour to celebrate the day!

CollageX | Sioux Falls, SD | OPEN Spaces
CollageX | Sioux Falls, SD | OPEN Spaces

Introducing CollageX – a curated holistic and metaphysical experience. On Saturday December 4th, we will gather at OPEN Spaces, a beautiful facility located in downtown Sioux Falls, to begin a day full of opportunity, expansion, celebration, and camaraderie. Lana J Thomas and Amy Lacek will start the morning with a Soul Star Activation.  

Minneapolis-based Nada Hogan will continue the experience with a session on releasing energy blocks that may be holding you back on a subconscious level using a system that integrates mind, body and spirit. After a delicious lunch catered by Daily Clean Food and Drink you will be treated to a session with Terri Peterson, owner of The Connecting Spirit Corp (and Breathing Wellness) in St Paul and a certified facilitator in Soul Breathing and Transformational Breath as she shares techniques to master your breath and hold a higher level of vibration. Vibrating from a new place will help you let go of old patterns and gain a new perspective. The day will conclude with Sioux Falls own Veronika Ludewig who will treat us all to the sacred sounds of the singing bowls with a guided Angel meditation.

Upon registration, you will receive an email including a survey link to select the lunch option that best fits your taste buds. Then relax and look forward to an amazing experience!

Event Speakers

Lana J. Thomas & Amy Lacek
Soul Spark Activation
Nada Hogan
Releasing Subconscious Blocks That Hold You Back
Terri Peterson
Ready, Set, Breathe … Soul Breathing™ for Joyous Living
Laura Strong
CollageX Organizer
Veronika Ludewig
Introduction to Sacred Sound Healing with Singing Bowls, Mantras and Guided Angel Meditation
Rebecca Metz
CollageX Organizer

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