9 AM Sessions

Room 1
Expansion of Your Creative Gifts Tami Briggs

Do you wish you were more creative? Do you feel “stuck” and want to unblock your creativity?

This guided session focuses on your creativity by using the power and potency of six Young Living essential oils; all oils are provided for this experience. You will come into the present moment and get grounded, relax and balance, release and let go of blockages, and boost your courage to take action and manifest your dreams. 

Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist, leads this experience as you learn about the oils and how they relate to your creative journey. She will also play the PeaceHarp between each oil giving you time to journal, reflect, activate and amplify your creativity.

Room 2
Divination Char Savoie

Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to foretell, to predict, to prophesy "), is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a process or ritual. You are divining your life every day.  Find out just how much divination you actually already do, as we take a look at some of the most common tools that can be used for divination including pendulums, dowsing rods, and oracle cards. You may also be surprised to know that divination is done every day without those items. In various forms throughout history, diviners form their interpretations of how someone should proceed by reading signs and events. We will talk about that too!

Room 3
Channeling Universal Energy Bobby Allyn

How are you affected by others and how are they affected by you? In this session Bobby is able to tap into the divine, universal energy produced when people gather. Bobby then channels that energy for all who are present. Bobby will work with the audience to prepare a collaborative mindset including using sound and other sensory experiences. Individuals will then ask questions that are specific to them, and the energy works so that the responses become relevant to everyone in the room. The energy is always benevolent and works with you to help you interact with the energy of who you really are. The experience can be validating, peaceful or provocative, and hopefully inspiring.

10 AM Sessions

Room 1
Connecting to YOUR Optimal Future Self Michele Rae

We are co-creating our lives with the small choices we make every day.  When our behavior aligns with our optimal intentions to create a personal and professional life we love, magic happens! Join us as we clarify and amplify our intentions, attention, and awareness as we imagine our ideal future self, both individually and collectively, together. 


Using scarves to uniquely represent our most powerful selves, we will share important aspects of the ideal future self we envision before doing a guided imagery to amplify these intentions. In small groups, we will discuss commitment to choices we can make to manifest our optimal future selves and invite support from a variety of resources before closing with a guided meditation.

Room 2
The Wisdom in Numerology Deb Frischmon

Experience a guided somatic deep breathing  meditation exercise to connect and open up to a state of receptive learning. Once this relaxed and receptive state is established, we will explore numerology, learn how to find your Life Path Number, and give it meaning. Following a discussion about purpose, and how it changes, you will learn how to apply your Life Path Number in a world of massive change, potentiality, and infinite possibilities!

Room 3
Magnetizing Waves of Abundance Carolyn Vinup

Everyone has a unique relationship with the energy of Abundance. Some people think it is all about money and material items, while others may view Abundance from a more holistic mindset. Your level of awareness and state of consciousness has a lot to do with how you magnetize a life in alignment with your purpose, passions, and potentiality. Join Carolyn as she creates sacred space to help open your chakras and energy channels so that you can remove obstacles in your life that may be holding you back from living the life you say you are ready to claim.  After a dowsing demonstration, Carolyn will build an energy grid in the center of the room to support you to awaken your abundant heart so you can become a vibrational match for your wishes, dreams, and desires.

11 AM Sessions

Room 1
Color Frequencies and How They Affect Us Cornelia Elsaesser

Have you ever noticed a particular color that somehow speaks to you and makes your body, psyche, and soul feel better? Colors impact people differently based on their individual life experiences. This interactive and fun class will teach you about the frequencies and effects of different colors including a personalized experience using colored glasses. Cornelia will end the session with short Esogetic Colorpuncture treatments for volunteers that want to experience the immediate effects colored light on the body.  In a Colorpuncture treatment, precise frequencies of colored light are applied to the skin using a hand-held acu-light wand with specially designed, interchangeable glass rods that emit different colors of light through focused tips. Each colored tip communicates different wavelength information into the system.

Room 2
A Telepathic Animal Communication Experience Dr. Katherine Belisle

You can talk with the animals! Learn how to apply your own gifts to bridge the gap between the four and two legged creatures of this planet. After learning about the four “Clairs” of telepathy and intuition, you will have an opportunity to practice sending and receiving thoughts with other class participants. This exercise is not only powerful in itself, but will help you understand how animals are already communicating with you.

Room 3
Soul Spark Activation Lana J. Thomas & Amy Lacek

This class is not for the faint hearted or those seeking to be entertained. Today the energy that is available to create amazing change in our lives is readily available when one knows how to harness and manipulate the frequencies to one’s benefit. Moreover, when a group of spiritualists gathers with a common intention to create change the intent will be manifested in a magnificent manner. NuHealing Energetic techniques provide a catalyst to create accelerated change in growth and ascension processes in those gathered by collecting the energy summoned via archangels, ascended masters, and ancient etheric beings anxious to raise the planet and all inhabitants to a higher dimension. Experience a Kundalini Awakening, Hermetic Tree of Life Activation, and Soul Star Chakra Activation. If you desire more spiritual gifts, abilities and power, this session is for you.

12 noon Sessions

Room 1
Energy Immersion for Transforming Into Your Best Self Bette Hanson

If you are on a journey of discovering who you are, this unique session will give you the building blocks AND unlock the key to your own energetic power and potential aided by a simple stone you hold in your hand.

While you may perceive your world as an external extension of yourself, you will be introduced to your dimensional reality through shifting your fundamental awareness to reconsider that WHO YOU ARE is so much more than what you thought. You will be taken into an inner experience unlike any other through a series of stages designed to link you to Pure Presence as an exercise in awareness.

Here, you will enter into a sacred space of exploration to reconsider how your five senses contribute to this inner journey of Self-awareness. Feeling, hearing, tasting and touching join with your ‘other worldly‘ senses as you are guided through an energetic meditation to expand your horizons. Your intention is a part of this intuitive process and may have even lead you into the door of this event. Will you listen and follow?

Room 2
Hall of the Akashic Records Dawn Marian

The Akashic Hall of Records invites you to a sacred journey of your magnificent soul.  Discover how your soul expresses through time and space, weaving a tapestry of golden threads of wisdom, gifts and purpose with each lifetime. Remember your divine origin and claim your soul's unique blueprint for this lifetime. Experience an increase of your soul's light in your physical body during a guided meditation that aligns you to your individual Akashic Records and your contracted Akashic Beings of Light. Learn how your personal Akashic Records can support your daily life, soul purpose and spiritual growth. Receive a gift to support you in tuning into your soul anytime you desire. 

Room 3
Secrets to finding Your Passion and Purpose Wes Hamilton & Lori Palm

For thousands of years, people have been searching for the answers to, “Who am I? What is my purpose? What am I here to do?” You have the information encoded within you. Lori and Wes will show you how to find the answers in a guided introduction to explore the passion, purpose, and possibilities for the life you are living today.

When you have words for who you are, you communicate more clearly. Your clear communication generates an energy that is authentic, valued, and respected. Living a creative and authentic life means being who you really are in each moment everywhere you go.

When you put words to your passion and purpose, you make the unseen seen. It becomes real. We will explore who you are, what you want, and what to do. When your vision is driven by passion and purpose, you create powerful results. When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do!

Join Wes and Lori and discover the secrets to :

Who you are - your PASSION
What you are here to do - your PURPOSE
What you want - your VISION

Bonus: Body & Mind Nourishing Lunch Session

Session Concurrent with Provided Lunch
Roots and Wings: Women of the New World Dawn Morningstar

To maximize day's experience, participants can add this dynamic featured session with lunch included in their registration.

Women’s sacred gifts, talents and healing abilities are needed now more than ever, yet women have struggled for empowerment, independence and economic sufficiency for centuries. So what is still holding women back?

In this brief talk, New World Women co-founder, Dawn Morningstar will awaken an ancient knowing within each of us to help women take flight and soar like never before.

Envision a world in which all people enjoy freedom, abundance and love, shining their light in creative and purpose-filled ways. This vision begins with women and begins today.

If your selected registration package includes the lunch session, your confirmation email will include a survey to choose the option that best fits your taste buds.

2 PM Sessions

Room 1
Lifting Your Veil is the Key to Regret Free Living Debbie Mechley

This workshop offers a space for you to hold your own personal courageous conversation. You will experience a new breath practice, soulful contemplation, a meditation to induce clarity and an experiential exercise to take a deeper look into your meaning and purpose with a new sense of passion. It is time for you to lift your veil! Today, we take some pressure off your purpose. What would that feel like for you? What if you trusted that you are exactly where you are to be?

When we stand on the bridge of possibility, we create. When we create, we achieve and when we bring our dreams into our reality, our regrets simply dissolve. We all know what we want, even when we think we don’t. We may not know how to get it, but we know what we desire. The entire journey is a spiritual awakening on many levels; one level at a time and the good news, there’s plenty of time. Connect with your desired outcome now, it’s never too late. This is you living your life free of regrets!

Room 2
Using Your Spiritual Gifts to Navigate Life Echo Bodine

We all have psychic and intuitive gifts. It is time to use these spiritual gifts to your advantage as you maneuver through everyday life. In this session we will unlock the gift of prophecy, learn how to access intuition, and talk about the many ways to incorporate theses divine gifts into your everyday life.

Room 3
Self Help Finger-Holds and Mudras Claire Marie Kohout

Did you know you have powerful tools of physical, mental, and spiritual self-help right at your fingertips? This delightful class will teach you easy, effective ways to support your emotional and physical health during stressful times. Jin Shin Jyutsu®, a Japanese energy art form, provides us with simple self-help finger hold exercises.  Practice these mudras and finger holds that can decrease anxiety, boost our organ functions, help us manage stress and more.

3 PM Sessions

Room 1
Releasing Subconscious Blocks That Hold You Back Nada Hogan

Imagine being able to identify the subconscious blocks or interferences that are holding you back from what you most desire.

In this offering, we will use breath work and the chakra system to identify blocks in our body and learn to release the blocks and replace them with what you truly desire. Using muscle testing to further release blocked emotions; we will reset and update the high centers of the brain using the body to allow completely different patterning in the subconscious that will override old limiting beliefs. You will experience firsthand the emotion(s) that is(are) holding you back on a subconscious level and release them using a system that integrates mind, body and spirit.

Room 2
How Your Home Speaks to You Carole Hyder

Using dowsing and kinesiology, Carole will demonstrate how your home affects your body and, therefore, your well-being. Learn how to communicate with your home so you can determine what supports and what weakens your energy. Knowing the subconscious influences of a space enables you to create an environment that inspires and uplifts, where you can thrive both physically and mentally.

Room 3
Shifting Hidden Entanglements - The Power of Systemic Constellations Katherine Curran

Many of us have patterns that repeatedly show up in our lives that cause us heartache - difficult relationships, addiction, job or business issues, etc. Systemic or family constellations is a method of seeing what is often unconsciously behind these difficult patterns by showing them as a life image, which once revealed, allows us to shift them. Constellations work with transgenerational trauma and healing in an easy-to-access-and learn-process that is often riveting for participants as we step into a new doorway of consciousness and relatedness.

4 PM Sessions

Room 1
Change Your Mind - Change Your Life Cathryn Taylor

What a fabulous way to end your day because the technique I am going to teach you not only empowers you to rewire your brain so you can heal from trauma, address addictions and compulsions, establish and sustain healthy reciprocal relationships in both the physical and nonphysical worlds, and manifest your heart’s every desire … it will also offer a guaranteed way to take home all that you experienced in your magical CollageX extravaganza. So, what is this process? As you know wherever you go, your brain goes with you, carrying the outdated beliefs that color the way you relate to and navigate in your world. This cellular reprogramming of your subconscious mind weaves together the tools of targeted guided imagery, the dynamic energy therapy of EFT and EMDR, and Super Brain Yoga to infuse a one-trigger word that can be used to install and activate new paradigms into your subconscious mind. And thanks to the new brain science once learned you will leave fully equipped to retain, retrieve, and apply each new CollageX discovery to your daily living and growth.

Room 2
Shamanic Spirit Boat Healing Ceremony: Be Healed. Be Well Mary Newstrom

Energetically board a magical Spirit Boat bound for a healing journey to the upper world.  Throughout your excursion, you may be visited by spiritual guides, angels, archangels, and/or deceased loved ones. This spirit boat journey will release and remove any spiritual intrusions and support you down the path of living an authentic life. Mary will support you in this profound experience as she brings you back safely and helps you process what you’ve learned.

Spirit Boat Ceremonies have a long history of healing individuals in shamanic communities. Learn the deep history of this revered tradition.  No experience with shamanism is required, just an open heart and an open mind.

Room 3
Radical Resilience Xperienced Pegah Kadkhodaian

It is time for you to come home. The seafaring people of Hawaii have long explored the waters both temporally in the Pacific and internally with the soul. Learn from their voyages as the shamanic lineage of Huna combines with three tenets of radical resilience to show you the way to heal, thrive, and come home.  During our session, we will visit the pillars of radical self-care, healing the heart, and unconditional acceptance through experiencing a short movement sequence and breath work that correspond to earth, fire and air and ether (keawe). We will also experience Theta healing through a guided meditation, which weaves into an experience of Ho’oponopono (a Hawaiian Forgiveness meditation).  You will leave having a fully integrated experience of the three tenets and several of the seven pillars of Radical Resilience having nurtured all four bodies; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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