Bobby Allyn
Channeling Universal Energy
Tami Briggs
Expansion of Your Creative Gifts
Char Savoie
Michele Rae
Connecting to YOUR Optimal Future Self
Carolyn Vinup
Magnetizing Waves of Abundance
Deb Frischmon
The Wisdom in Numerology
Cornelia Elsaesser
Color Frequencies and How They Affect Us
Dr. Katherine Belisle
A Telepathic Animal Communication Experience
Lana J. Thomas & Amy Lacek
Soul Spark Activation
Bette Hanson
Energy Immersion for Transforming Into Your Best Self
Wes Hamilton & Lori Palm
Secrets to finding Your Passion and Purpose
Dawn Marian
Hall of the Akashic Records
Dawn Morningstar
Roots and Wings: Women of the New World
Echo Bodine
Using Your Spiritual Gifts to Navigate Life
Debbie Mechley
Lifting Your Veil is the Key to Regret Free Living
Claire Marie Kohout
Self Help Finger-Holds and Mudras
Nada Hogan
Releasing Subconscious Blocks That Hold You Back
Katherine Curren
Shifting Hidden Entanglements - The Power of Systemic Constellations
Carole Hyder
How Your Home Speaks to You
Mary Newstrom
Shamanic Spirit Boat Healing Ceremony: Be Healed. Be Well
Pegah Kadkhodaian
Radical Resilience Xperienced
Cathryn Taylor
Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

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